Window Tint Laws in Texas

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Windshield Window Tint

No one likes dealing with the law, but when it comes to window tinting your car, you need to be aware of the laws in your state. In Texas, there are specific window tint laws about how dark your windows can be tinted; if you don’t follow them, you could get a ticket or not be able to pass the state inspection. So, if you’re considering getting your windows tinted, do your research first and find out what the laws are in Texas.


Auto Pro DFW can help! We’ve gathered all the pertinent information about Texas window tint laws on this page, including explanations of the darkness and reflectiveness allowances. In addition to the car window rules and regulations in Texas, we’ve added them. Texas passed a law in 2009 regarding window tints, being the 49th state to do so.


Autobahn Window Tint
Autobahn Window Tint


What is VLT?

The percentage of visible light that passes through your vehicle windows is known as VLT Visible Light Transmission. The lower the percentage of VLT, the darker the tint. Tinting your windows may be as simple as adjusting the amount of light you want to let in. For example, a 5% tint would be quite dark. Moreover, the proportion of visible light allowed into a house varies from state to state, as shown below.


Legal Window Tint in Texas

Frontside windows: 25% or more light is permitted

Rear Windows: Any opaque tint is allowed.

Windshield: The top 5-inches or higher of the windshield can have a 25% or more allowance.


Following are the car tint laws and regulations for the state of Texas:


Color Tint in Texas

Some states, including Texas, have laws against using certain colors for window tint. These prohibited colors typically include amber and blue.


Texas Car Window Tint Law-Exemption

Below are the exemptions to the requirement for window tints:


  • Passenger Transport-Vehicles utilized to transport passengers for a fee regularly, such as buses, taxis, and limousines.
  • Law Enforcement-Vehicles are used for law enforcement and maintained by a police force.


Illegal Windshield Window Tint
Illegal Windshield Window Tint


Texas Window Tint-Medical Exemption

If a driver wants to be exempt from Texas law, they must get a signed medical exemption statement from an authorized physician or optometrist.

Reflective Window Tint in Texas

It must have a reflective tint of 25% or less, as required by Texas law.


Window Tint Certification/Label

All film manufacturers within Texas are required to certify their products. A label must be attached to the driver’s side window.


Windshield Window Tint in Texas

Tinted windshields and windows have been around for quite a long time and have substantiated themselves as helpful device. Windshield tinting is a meager film that covers your windshield without lessening perceivability. Tinting might be fairly costly, even though tinted windshields and windows offer a few advantages that eventually make the exorbitant cost worth the effort.


The Benefits of Windshield and Window Tinting

There’re plenty of benefits of tinted windshields and windows, such as:


Preserving Your Interior

UV rays harm your skin and cause the interior of your vehicle, including dashboards and seats, to crack and fade. Tinted windows will protect these materials and prolong the life of your car’s interior.


Improved Comfort Levels

Window tints are an amazing way to keep the inside of your automobile much cooler and more pleasant by blocking out UV rays during the hot summer months. Not only do window tints reduce the brightness of the sun, but they also make it more comfortable for your eyes.


More Fuel-efficient

Running the AC puts a damper on your gasoline efficiency. Window tints block the sun and cool the vehicle, allowing you to use air conditioning and get more mileage out of your gas tank.


Appealing Look

There is no other way to say it. Tinted windows add attitude to a vehicle while also improving the overall appearance of the exterior.


Increased Anonymity and Privacy

You may turn on screen tinting to make it more difficult for attackers to see while still being able to look out.


Texas Windshield Window Tint


The Most Important Reasons to Have Your Windows Tinted

When protecting your car, you might not consider tinting your windows a top priority. But maybe you should.


After all, you spend much time in your car, making safety and comfort extremely important factors to consider.


For a free quote on windshield and window tinting, contact us now.


How to Choose the Right Tint for Your Car?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right window tint for your car:


Determine Why You need to Tint

The first step is identifying your main objective for tinting your car windows. If you’re a resident of a sunny location and wish to shield yourself and your passengers from harmful UV radiation, opt for the film with high UV protection. If you prioritize privacy, then a darker film would be more beneficial.


Always Choose a High-quality Film

Regardless of the tint percentage you pick, go with the high-quality film. In other words, visit a professional window-tinting store to purchase your film instead of ordering it from an online retailer.

Have it Done Professionally

Although you could install car windows and windshield tinting yourself, we recommend against it. Window and windshield tinting installations need experience and training to guarantee that the film doesn’t bubble. If your vehicle has bubbles, it’ll appear to be neglected. It may fade or change colors in a few months, especially if you live in an environment with high humidity.

When you use a professional installer, you can be confident in the quality of their work and that they’ll offer a warranty. Plus, they’ll assist you in choosing the best tint for your vehicle.


Consider the Look of Your Vehicle

Because tinting your automobile covers the windows and windshield adds a degree of opacity, it will alter the look of it unless you use a very high percentage rating. Tinting your windows and windshield will give both the inside and outside of your car a new look.


Decide on the style you want to assist with and determine your tinting percentage. If you’re concerned that it’ll appear too dark, be more careful.


AutoPro DFW Windshield Tint
AutoPro DFW Windshield Tint

What Percentage of Windshield and Window Tint Should You Use?

Is your car undecided about which window tint percentage is ideal for it? There are numerous things to think about when it comes to blocking UV rays or gaining some more seclusion.


Your ideal vehicle tint percentage is the one that balances all your reasons for getting window tints.

At Auto Pro DFW, we’re ready to help you pick the perfect Windshield and window tint percentage for your car. Contact us today for a free estimate or with any questions you may have.