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About Us: AutoPro DFW is a shop based out of Roanoke Texas, founded, and currently being run by the owner Carlos who has over 15 years in the car industry.

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About Us

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Carlos’ passion for vehicles and working on them to make them aesthetically pleasing and good looking led him to start Detailing Restoration who later rebranded to AutoPro DFW. Carlos saw the need in Roanoke Texas for his services and was able to find a location to start building his reputation in Texas. Moving to another state where you have only visited once and moving in the middle of a pandemic was extremely challenging and difficult but not impossible. 

Detailing Restoration was founded

Detailing Restoration was founded in 2015 at North Buckhead, GA, where he had a list of private clients on a maintenance plan whose cars would be taken care of privately.

When it comes to customer service, having your vehicle accommodated to your needs and schedule, being honest and on time is how Carlos likes to conduct business. In the middle of summer of 2020 Carlos took a week of vacation and travelled to Fort Worth Texas, where he felt in love with the Texan culture upon arrival.

Carlos currently resides in Keller, Texas but found Detailing Restoration permanent home in Roanoke, Texas. March 2021 was when Carlos got the keys to his shop where he would have to start again from the bottom to build his reputation and the trust of the Roanoke community, to show them what Detailing Restoration brings.

Carlos professional car knowledge offers the best in town skills to meet your satisfaction. Paint correction, ceramic coating, and all other internal detailing services are done with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We focus on quality, honesty, and making sure we get repeated business.

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Rebranded to AutoPro DFW

Detailing Restoration wasn’t a shop that was focusing on Auto Detailing only but was also providing other services as well. Carlos over the time started to notice there was a confusion with the business name, and at the time he was working at Sunray Window Tint where he further learned the Window Tinting business as well. Carlos was not new to the Window Tint industry, but he did learned that Sunray Window Tint was coming to an end, which ended up being bought out by another company from out of state.

He saw the need for a shop that would focus on quality and not production, on quality long lasting film, and not some cheap film made in China, and most importantly providing honesty and the convenience of a one stop shop. March 1, 2022 the rebranding from Detailing Restoration to AutoPro DFW commence. We are a family-owned enterprise that is in Roanoke, Texas. Servicing the Greater Roanoke, Fort Worth, and Dallas, Texas area with a wide variety of Auto Detailing Services. We put our passion into our work and help to offer services ranging from Interior Detailing, Paint Correction, and Window Film Installation. We take pride in the quality of our work and provide unique services such as Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film (commonly called Clear Bra). Having your car detailed on a consistent basis helps to prolong its use and keep it in a better operating condition.

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