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Get the best Tesla Window Tinting services in DFW Metroplex TX. We also provide Paint Protection Film services at AutoPro DFW.

Our Window Tint offers the best heat rejection on the market

This 2 mil film is really strong because it has four layers of ceramic material instead of just one. It blocks 99% of heat, which is the best you can get on the market. Because it’s so thick, it also helps keep the glass from breaking into pieces if a rock hits your windshield, protecting you and your loved ones.

Tesla Window Tinting

Tesla Window Tinting Services in DFW Metroplex TX and Surrounding Area

Window tints have gained substantial traction in the auto industry for years now, and there are real benefits of getting Window Tints on your car. If you are wondering what Window Tint is? It is a thin layer of dark, semi-opaque material made of either carbon or ceramic. Window Tint can be installed on the side windows and windshields of tesla cars, especially electric cars like Tesla, where these have immense benefits.

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Tesla Model Y

Why should I get Window Tinting on my Tesla?

Tesla is a marvel of engineering, more so because it is an all-electric car that runs on batteries and has complex technology embedded in the car’s body. Tesla uses batteries to power the motors and all other equipment on the car, such as infotainment system, climate control, windows & sunroof, and electric seats.

The rear windows in the Tesla are just privacy glass and do not provide any protection against heat or harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Hence making the interior extremely hot in summers, and damaging the interior upholstery and leather surfaces, not to mention the important electronic components.

You would get the following benefits by going for Tesla Window Tinting.

Tesla Window Tint Keller
Tesla Window Tint Keller

Benefits of Best Tesla Window Tinting Near Me Servies

Where to Get Tesla Window Tinting in Roanoke, TX ?

You would find many places online for window tinting, but it is recommended that you hire professional services for this technical job. The window tint is a thin film, just 0.15 mm in thickness, and must be adapted and installed very precisely. Professional installers have years of experience and use upscale equipment to apply tinting tesla windows.

People usually complain about fading tints, purple hue, bubbles, and damaged windows after getting a substandard job done. It is ideal that you invest in your Tesla’s future and hire professional services with expert technicians.

AutoPro DFW located in Roanoke, Texas is your go-to place for the best services and products. We have highly trained, certified professionals who ensure a top-quality job on your Tesla. Our enclosed facility is contamination-free but full of quality.

Which Tint is Best for Tesla in DFW Metroplex TX ?

Choosing a premium product might be a bit costly upfront but saves your Tesla from other problems and repairs overall and is a great investment.

The Autobahn Window Film is the best-in-class window tint offered by AutoPro DFW. This ceramic, high-end product offers unparalleled heat and UV rejection, antiglare properties with superb privacy, and does not peel over time with a limited lifetime warranty.

AutoPro DFW is the ideal place to get the best products with the best services, and we stand by our promise of quality. So, head over now for the best quality window tinting Tesla at the most competitive prices.

ppf tesla
Tesla PPF

Why Getting a Paint Protection Film on Your Tesla is a Must in Roanoke, TX

Tesla changed the shape of the auto industry and the belief of people when they dared to launch an all-electric car, in a world full of gasoline and diesel cars. Over a decade, Tesla has introduced advanced technology in the auto industry and enhanced their car’s performance with an extended electric range. But it’s not all bells and whistles at Tesla and many products have suffered from quality issues and manufacturing faults.

The most prevalent of those faults is the poor paint quality. Hundreds of owners have reported fading and peeling of paint on their newly bought Teslas, and the company even had to face lawsuits as well.

That the company should look after this matter and improve the paint quality of their cars, but there’s a solution for owners who don’t want to waste money and time on expensive repairs. The paint protection film is a thin layer of plastic material that protects the car’s paint and extends its lifespan while preserving the quality.

Paint Protection Film Tesla X
Paint Protection Film Tesla X

Why should I get Paint Protection Film applied to my Tesla?

Tesla cars suffer from early paint damage, such as rough patches, peeling, and fading of the panels. Not only is this frustrating an owner, but can be costly to repair, and neglecting it can damage the metal surface of the car.

A paint protection film (PPF) is a thin layer of translucent urethane material that is applied to the car’s body panels. It has various benefits and protects your Tesla well over years.

  1. PPF is scratch-resistant, it protects the paint and other panels from minor scratches and other swirl marks.
  2. It makes cleaning very easier – you just must wash the surface and wipe it with a microfiber towel, there’s no need to wax.
  3. PPF protects the paint from harmful pollutants and UV radiations, the major cause of paint damage on Tesla cars.
  4. PPF has healing properties, which means it comes back to its normal structure after getting damaged and is highly puncture resistant.
  5. It gives a unique shine and gloss to the car.

All these properties make PPF an ideal solution to Tesla paint problems and can help the owners protect their car’s paint from damage while enhancing its lifespan.

From where should I get the PPF film applied in Roanoke TX?

Although people apply these films at home, it is not recommended as the job is complex and should be left to professionals. There are things to consider and look after before applying a PPF film to a car. These include a contamination-free environment, paint correction – removal of any swirls or existing scratches, and precise layering of the film.

Tesla is a premium car, and you should get premium service for it. At AutoPro DFW, we use top-quality material, and our highly trained professionals do a picture-perfect job of applying a PPF to your Tesla.

Which is the Best Paint Protection Film for my Tesla in DFW Metroplex Texas?

There are products in the market, but you should choose the highest quality material and the one which comes with a manufacturer warranty.

AutoPro DFW uses the premium quality PPF for your Tesla or any other car and offers a limited 10-year warranty for peeling or bubbling. Our products are time evaluated, come with self-healing and 9H hardness rating for matchless paint protection and keep the factory shine intact underneath.

So, book an appointment now for top-quality services and premium products, only at AutoPro DFW.

Frequently Asked Questions | Window Tint and Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Q1: Why should I consider window tint for my Tesla?

A1: Teslas car don’t come with tinted windows. Window tinting provides several benefits, including enhanced privacy, reduced interior heat, and protection against harmful UV rays. Tesla privacy glass can also contribute to a sleek aesthetic while ensuring a comfortable driving experience.

Q2: Does window tint affect Autopilot or other Tesla technologies?

A2: High-quality window tint should not interfere with Tesla’s Autopilot or other advanced technologies. It’s important to choose a reputable installer who is experienced in working with Tesla vehicles to minimize any potential impact on sensors.

Q3: What are the advantages of Paint Protection Film for my Tesla?

A3: Paint Protection Film (PPF) shields your Tesla’s exterior from road debris, stone chips, bug splatter, and environmental elements. It preserves the original paint finish, ensuring a glossy appearance while safeguarding the vehicle’s resale value.

Q4: Is PPF necessary for Tesla’s multi-coat paint options?

A4: While Tesla’s multi-coat paints are durable, PPF adds an extra layer of protection against scratches and environmental damage. It’s a valuable investment to maintain the pristine look of your Tesla over the long term.

Q5: Does PPF affect the vehicle’s color or finish?

A5: A professional PPF application is designed to be virtually invisible, preserving the original color and finish of your Tesla. It enhances rather than alters the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

Q6: Does PPF come with any warranty?

A6: Yes, our PPF service comes with a lifetime warranty. This provides peace of mind, assuring you that any issues or concerns related to the PPF will be addressed, underlining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Q7: Can window tint and PPF be installed together?

A7: Absolutely. Many Tesla owners choose to combine window tint and PPF for comprehensive protection. This dual approach not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures all-around preservation of your Tesla’s exterior.

Q8: How long does the installation process take?

A8: The installation time for window tint and PPF varies depending on the specific services chosen. Generally, professional installers work efficiently to minimize downtime, and the process can typically be completed within a day.

Q9: Can I wash my Tesla as usual after PPF installation?

A9: Yes, you can wash your Tesla as usual. PPF is designed to withstand regular car washes. However, it’s recommended to avoid abrasive materials that may scratch the film.

Q10: Where can I find a reputable installer for Tesla window tint and PPF?

A10: Research local automotive detailing and tinting specialists with experience working on Tesla vehicles. Customer reviews and recommendations can be valuable in choosing a trusted professional for your window tint tesla.


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You are still not convinced?

Stop by our shop to check out all of our different Window Tint options, and feel the heat rejection we have to offer.

Things to Remember

You are still not convinced?

Stop by our shop to check out all of our different Window Tint options, and feel the heat rejection we have to offer.